Recreational users are legally allowed to grow 4 cannabis plants at a time in Canada.


Medical patients can grow as much cannabis as their license allows... plus the 4 recreational plants!

The Bud Box
Complete Cannabis
Cultivation Kit

Who is this for?

The Bud Box was designed for home users who have little or no experience growing cannabis, but who want to reduce or eliminate their cannabis costs.

What is it?

The Bud Box is a fully contained greenhouse specifically designed for growing cannabis. The most unique feature of our product is that it also acts as a TV stand in your living room.

Where does it go?

The Bud Box can go anywhere you want. It can be in your living room, kitchen, garage.. almost anywhere.

When can I get one?

Once the unit is purchased, it will be delivered and setup within 1 to 4 weeks. In an unmarked vehicle. Privacy is cool.

Why would I grow?

There are many reasons for wanting to eliminate cannabis costs. You may be on a fixed income and are tired of paying $100 a bottle for CDB oil? Regardless of reasons, the main impediment to reducing these costs have been...

How do I grow Cannabis then?

The short answer is the Bud Box. The long answer is in our system which is explained below.

Buy a bud box and...
you may never have to buy cannabis again!