Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Will it smell like cannabis in my home?

Answer: Yes and no. During the first 4 weeks of vegative growth, the plants don't give off that much odor. Once the clock is changed and the flowering cycle begins though, they begin to smell when the fan kicks on or when the doors are opened. There are $150 filters available that will eliminate the odors as long as the doors are closed. If the doors are open for watering or trimming, it will smell until the doors are closed again.

NOTE: Just to let everyone know, I have two plants growing in a normal room. These plants are not in a Bud Box. As soon as you open the door to the room you are overwhelmed with the humidity and smell. This smell even leaks upstairs to the main entrance to my house. I only have two plants there and it stinks this bad.

Question: How often do I need to water?

Answer: In the beginning, I water every day or so to make sure the seedlings are doing ok. Just a small amount. After a week when they become bigger and more stable, we can water them once or twice a week. Just let the top get a bit dry before you water again.

Question: Is humidity a problem?

Answer: No. The Bud Box has automatic humidity control. Once the condensation threshold is reached, the fan turns on until the humidity returns to a safe level. This works far better than just putting a few plants in a room in your house. I have two plants in a room in the basement and the moisture from watering significantly raises the humidity in the room. This does not happe with the Bud Box. The high moisture stays in the box and is kept from condensing. The room should always be dried than the Bud Box.

Question: Will the venting of moisture hurt my floors?

Answer: No. The Bud Box vents through the bottom of the base and is dissipated immediately. Since the room will be drier than the air in the Bud Box, the moist air will evaporate quickly.

Question: When can I open the doors?

Answer: You can open the doors anytime that the lights are ON. You do NOT want to open the doors during the daily dark time of the flowering cycle. There is a strong possiblity that you wil ruin your crop if bright light reaches the plants when they are supposed to be in night time. There are gaps in the bottom of the doors in the Bud Box so that you can easily see if the lights are on.

Question: I looked on the internet and I have this "something" deficiency... what do I do?

Answer: Follow our instructions. If you use the nutrients supplied, you will have no deficiencies. Later in the growing cycle leaves will natrually turn yellow and fall off. It's ok, we want the buds. ;-)

Question: All my leaf tips are brown, what is the problem?

Answer: Probably the same thing we're all guilty of... over watering. It's ok to let the medium get a bit dry, you just don't want the plants to wilt from lack of water.

Question: I want a Bud Box but I have no money, do you trade?

Answer: Talk to me. :-)