The Bud Box

... is currently being redesigned. We are in the industrial engineering stage and intend to have a finished product to market by September 2021.

This redesign includes heat, humidity and odor control! The redesign is also significantly reducing the final purchase price!


The Bud Box Company now provides 3D printed accessories. You can get them here.


This section will contain our training resources once completed. For now though, you are welcome to download my book in PDF format.(the file is about 11 megs)

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3D Printing Resources

Download .stl files.
Toolz - The Set- Direct Download| Thingiverse

The Bud Box!

The easiest, most unique system for growing lots of safe, quality marijuana in your living room!

M.S.R.P $2499.00 From $1495.

  • Clean, additive free and pesticide free marijuana.
  • Simple access, the crop is under your T.V.!
  • Lockable cabinet to keep pets and kids out.
  • Grow up to thirty six ounces of cannabis a year! That's $10,000 worth of cannabis (at Gov't prices) in a Bud Box each year!
  • L.E.D. Lighting from Eco Lighting specifically designed and manufactured for marijuana flower production!
  • Our standard setup uses three 48" fixtures. They are 144 watts of power combined! A little more than the cost of running two old fashioned 60 watt bulbs.
  • Heat, humidity and odor control with ventilation that optionally can be exhausted outside.
  • Complete instructions and growing manual.

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