Where does it go?

Right in your living room!

When I invented the Bud Box the first thing that I thought of was that we don't need to hide anymore! The next logical steps were to design something that would not be out of place in my living room. I'm getting older. I don't want to be crawling around a basement, playing with tents, researching the thousand ways to grow cannabis. I wanted the best stuff and the easiest way to grow cannabis. I'm sick of $100 quarters at the retail outlets. I'm sick of driving to go buy cannabis. Sick of waiting for the mail to come... You get the idea.

Everything required to grow cannabis is now readily available. You can choose tents, or other boxes and put your light package together with your nutrients. You can try various growing methods. Various trimming and topping techniques to increase yeieds. The internet is awash in information about growing cannabis. Damn exhausting though isn't it?

The Bud Box philospohy is very simple. Use the best stuff and make the process as easy as possible. Just follow the instructions. The Box works. It grows amazing cannabis and it only costs $58 in electricity per year to run the lights!

Story time. I met Remo (pronounced ray-mo) of REMO Nutrients at Golden Acre in Calgary in October 2018, days after legalization. We were attending a seminar that was discussing the new technology surrounding the emerging cannabis market. I got to smoke a joint with Remo. He rolls cannons. I think he said once they are about two grams per joint. Anyway, it was great to meet him! He grows awesome pot and has amazing nutrients! To show how fun he is, we smoked that cannon between us. It took us half an hour. :-) As we're walking back into the seminar he looks at me and says," Well, I hope you're high!" Funny guy!

Fast forward to March and the Cannabis Hemp Expo in Calgary. The Bud Box Company has a booth there and it was very busy! I had the wonderful good fortune of running into Remo again. Remo and a few others were finishing up one of his cannons and I hand him a joint of LA Confidential. I told him, "Remo, I grew this from Aurora seeds, in my box with your nutrients." He took a couple hits off the joint, looked at me and said, " I can't believe you grew this with LED lights!" That statement was simple reinforcement of what others had said all weekend. The cannabis that came out of the first box was better than anything at the retail stores!

Large Black Box

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